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Architectural Walking Tour May 7 2022


A walking tour of some of the structures on lots that were included in the original Mount Holland Plat of Metamora in 1838.

Features that establish the style and hints about the era of each will be discussed.

The walk will be led by Brittany Miller, Director of the East Region Office of Indiana Landmarks

Lovers Lane.PNG

Lover's Lane

The tour begins on Lover's Lane, at the east edge of town, near the Duck Creek Aqueduct. 

Three residential structures, and the now empty lot where the Christian Church stood, will be discussed.

Clayborn St

This group of buildings includes one that was used as a blacksmith shop, and four houses.  These represent a range of construction dates and styles.

Clayborn East.PNG
Clayborn Main.PNG

Clayborn, Mount Alley
& Main Street

More residential structures, of more recent dates. And the Farmer's Bank building from the 1920s

Main Street North

This group is comprised of commercial structures, and includes two buildings that no longer exist. 

One is a line of small shops that lined the east side of Columbia Street, which has been replaced by a modern residence.

The other was a railroad depot that was built spanning the canal channel.

Main North.PNG
Main and Bridge.PNG

Main & Bridge St

Here we have commercial structures that are possibly one of the most photographed subject in the village. They include the Masonic Lodge/Allison stone building and two frame shops. 

Along the canal east of the intersection is one of the oldest buildings on this tour. Built as a warehouse and store in the 1830s, it was then used as a hotel by several later owners.

Main Street South

We finish this tour with a group of significant commercial buildings that comprised the main business district of Metamora. Cast metal detailing can be seen on some of the facades. 

Main South.PNG
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